7th High School of Piraeus.
(General Lyceum)


 Text editing: Elena Kalmouki

The school was established in 1939. Through the years it changed a lot of buildings and it moved to its current location in 2004.
The school has about 270 students and 25 teachers. Students have always been encouraged to participate in various activities. Sports are an important part of the school life experience (despite the limited athletic facilities available within the school grounds) and its sports teams (football and basketball) take part in school competitions.
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Students have participated in theatre groups, environmental groups, cinema and cultural groups. These groups have worked in various school programmes which are combined with educational trips- visits to various destinations in Greece as well as abroad such as Syros, kalamata, Venice, Paris, London, Madrid etc. Students and teachers work together vigorously, doing their best for our beloved school!
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